MDS Assistant

With MDS Assistant, never stress over becoming  Non-Compliant, or lost reimbursements. Never second guess your submissions or set an incorrect date again. MDS Assistant is the ONLY App that will make your workday more productive and stress free. Forget spread sheets, or Post Its  when setting PPS Schedules or breaking out a calendar to count ARD dates. Update Admission certifications and recertification dates instantly.

•PPS Schedule – Create full Perspective Payment Schedules instantly, See complete ARD Dates and Grace Dates.

•ARD Look back – Set a ARD Look back Date and quickly calculate up to 30 days back.

•Complete OBRA Assessment Calendar – Instantly get 92 & 366 day quarterly ARD dates, while having a full calculated schedule for the current year as a reference.

•SNF Re/Certification – Set Admission Dates, see Recertification dates that can be modified.

MDS 3.0 compliant.

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