Case Mix Index: Therapy Screens

Healthcare is continuously changing. This has never been more evident as it is now for residential health care facilities. What we used to think was a highly regulated business is quickly becoming an even more scrutinized industry. Changes put into place aim at amalgamating quality and reimbursement. These changes have required providers to re-examine the manner in which they focus their efforts. Continue reading Case Mix Index: Therapy Screens

Case-mix Index: taking credit for the work you do.

1. Rehabilitation services: Medical declines, as well as functional, should be considered when reviewing a resident’s need for a therapy. For example, a resident being treated for pneumonia, IV therapy, and/or general changes medical conditions should be looked at by a therapist to review their overall functional status. Most of the time when there is an acute medical change, direct care staff will also not a decline in the resident’s physical abilities. Nursing staff should document functional changes seen and notify therapy for follow up. Remember, therapy can not be the only discipline documenting on resident’s function.

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